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400 Series

400 Series


The 400 Series brings you the best overall blend of performance and style to satisfy just about any window or patio door need. With years of engineering and craftsmanship to build on, 400 Series windows and patio doors are designed to live up to your high standards.

From contemporary design to traditional and classic
architecture, 400 Series products offer a time-tested blend
of engineering and craftsmanship, combined with a variety
of style options that can elevate a classic wood window
into a stunning focal point in any home style.

WINDOWS in 400 Series

Awning windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom allowing for ventilation and protection from the rain.


Bay & bow windows

What: The cozy nook with at least three windows
Where: Most often used in living rooms and bedrooms
Fun Fact: Angled out beyond the house wall, for extra space inside

Casement windows

Casement windows hinge on the side and crank open outward allowing for full top to bottom ventilation

Tilt-wash double-hung windows

Bring fresh air in while not interfering with patios or walkways. Plus, with tilt-in features, cleaning double-hung windows from inside your home is easy. Woodwright® double-hung windows are built with authentic craftsmanship to help replicate the look of classic architecture. 

Gliding windows

What: The one that slides side to side
Where: Often found in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
Fun Fact: Like a sliding glass door, but smaller

Picture windows

What: The one that doesn’t open
Where: Often combined with windows that do open
Fun Fact: Great way to frame views and fill your space with natural light

Specialty windows

Create large combinations with specialty windows to maximize light and view. Specialty windows are stationary windows that come in a variety of uncommon shapes, including elegant arches, striking angles and compelling curves to add curb appeal or enhance the character of your home. 

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Our Perma-Shield® exterior cladding system, a time-tested Andersen innovation, offers low maintenance and durability while also
providing an attractive appearance. The interiors of all 400 Series windows and patio doors are available in unfinished staingrade pine or with a long-lasting,*
low-maintenance white finish. Select windows are also available with a dark bronze or black
finish. 400 Series Woodwright® windows and Frenchwood® patio doors are also available with unfinished maple or oak interiors.



Whether replacing, remodeling or building new, our hardware* options enhance your home’s decor. Choose from a variety
of styles ranging from traditional and classical to simple and contemporary.

Double-Hung: Standard
Double-Hung: Easy-Tilt Release Lock
Classic Series
Contemporary Bar Lift
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